Bio of Karee Shea

My name is Karee Shea.  I am an artist.  I love the power of art, as it gives you the freedom to express self through various mediums and in many ways.  I want to inspire.  It is my passion that allows me to bring my mind and feelings through visuals to the world.


Art is my safe, loving and healing matrix to reach out and see.  As you enter Kareative Interlude, you will see the sights to embrace inspired light.


Art is your true intuitive, intelligent being coming out to greet you.  Originality at its finest connecting you to your infinite.  No labels, but always defined.  Kareative Interlude is that moment in your day, where the abstract nature of life takes you on a journey through the paradise of your imagination.  Capturing the bliss of the essence to create a new you, by the old you, though the inner you, in the outer you and the future of you.  Through the inspiration of the divine weaving of artistry, the process of Kareative Interlude helps one to realize the unification of your senses I touch, taste, sound, smell and . . . beyond


I am in the early stages of my professional art career.  I have produced a medium size body of work in the areas of: fashion, poetry, book works, performance arts and visual arts.  I have designed a creative process over the past 12 years that moves audiences through the themes of healing, building and inspiring through creation.


Kareative Interlude is utilizing the arts as a means to affect positive change to meet social needs.  Through creative reflection in the areas of: visual arts, performance arts, food, fashion, literature and creative productions we aim to empower and tell the tales of those untold.



~Captured bliss and woven artistry, inspired by the abstract nature of life~



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