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Captured bliss and woven artistry, inspired by the abstract nature of life

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Bio of Karee Shea

My name is Karee Shea. I am an artist. I love the power of art, as it gives you the freedom to express self through various mediums and in many ways we are the medium. It is my passion that allows me to bring my mind and feelings through visuals to the world.

I want to inspire.
I aim to inspire.
I am inspired.

Art is my safe, loving and healing matrix. Art reaches to see the world.

What is Kareative Interlude?

The Ka, represents the soul, the spiritual being that exists to empower you.

The Re is a reflection of the sun that journeys and radiates light to spring forth hope, power and determination in your day.

The Active is the active energy that gives, shares and responds to the actualization of your purpose, passion and power.

The interlude is a celebration of our vibration and rhythmic melodies spiraling into success on all levels of life.

Featured on:

  • Regent Radio
  • Caribbean Camera
  • The Dr. Vibes Show
  • Vision Newspaper
  • The Challenge
  • Jamaica Xpress

Kareative interlude is utilizing the arts as a means to affect positive change to meet social needs and tell the tales of those untold.