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Captured bliss and woven artistry, inspired by the abstract nature of life

Visual Arts

Captured bliss is artwork that is a reflection of the soul we radiate when we shine our light. The pieces of this collection are called, The Spirit of the Sun, which provides a sense of warmth and charity to the conscious viewer.  The artwork of The Spirit of the Sun celebrates timeless pieces that last a lifetime.

Sun of Sons

Three things can not be hidden for long.  The sun, the moon and the truth.  The piece Sun of Sons shines to invigorate the light beings we are as we create all forms from the essence of the universe. A deeper radiance. 

Solar Elixir

As energy endures so does the spirit.  We endure! We hear it!  The setting of the sun reveals the spirit.  The presence of natural waters to heal all in the elixir of life. 

Seed of Light

Seeds of faith are based on the light that transforms and transmits within us.  The abundance to be encouraged to inspire and be the power of each new day

Sankofa Rising

Go back and fetch ones essence! This piece speaks to a tribute to new beginnings, where one is reborn through the power of knowledge and the gifts of the present

Other Side of the Sun

Refracting radiance, reflecting brilliance. Across the horizon line, the circle in the sky. Shining so bright to abstract realities that shape our vision to the sun.

Kiss the Sun

Kiss the sun and let the blessings of happiness, joy and possibilities connect your today to your tomorrow.

Indigenous Womb 2

The vitality to be healed. The ability to be improved by reflection. The essence to sprout from our source and achieve higher sense of greatness within the heavens

Illuminating I

The sun never sets as it is constantly in the reflection of the moon. This piece speaks to the journey and the many miles a person travels to live an illuminated life.

“Art is the medium by which I have been fortunate to draw in, carve in, script in and paint in to manifest pieces that enable me to shine my light.” 

Karee Walker

Woven Artistry

A Clothing line design by Karee Shea Walker
Through the intricate design and arrangements
of fabrics, karee has designed original styles for
various occasions and seasons. Each garment, each piece
possesses a unique sense of fashion flair. The clothes are built to enhance the special moments of your day.


The stories of the Kareative Interlude Press create tales that explore the importance of character confidence and courage. The series of Karee Shea’s literature shares a message of: healing, building and inspiration, empowerment, diversity and ceativity

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