~Captured bliss and woven artistry, inspired by the abstract nature of life~


Woven Artistry is a sophisticated style, specializing in colourful designs for all shapes and sizes.  The collection places an emphasis on comfort, aesthetic and originality.  The vibrance of the fabrics and weavings provide a diverse designs to compliment your body for any outing, occasion and event


Woven Artistry is a creative process, where KaRee Shea uses yarns and knits to crochet skirts, dresses and tops to express the creative being that lays within.  The styles range from prints to full crochet pieces built from patience, beauty and joy.  The collection of Woven Artistry is woven to compliment your aesthetic.


"I love to see it when others are smiling, wearing my clothes, feeling their beauty and knowing they look good!"  KaRee Shea





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