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The literature of KaRee Shea is bursting with artistic innovation.  The stories of her children series explore the importance of character, confidence and courage.  The beauty of her message touches upon the themes of healing, building and inspiration.


Through her poetry, KaRee Shea creates mood, mixed with abstract metaphors to further connect with her readers.  The compositions although two dimensional, rise off of the page with the visions of empowerment, expansion and enlightenment.


"I have learned the importance of reading between the lines, sharing messages of love and writing in determination to inspire the purpose within the next generation"  KaRee Shea




    The first story for the Kareative Interlude children's series:

    The Bee Leaf is the story of a fourteen year old girl named Marikeyta.  She lives in the city with her mother.  Marikeyta enters her rites of passage as she transitions from a young girl into a young women.  Marikeyta's mother falls ill and Marikeyta is challenged to seek what she must find.  Through the help and support of the wise old couple on the top of the hill, Marikeyta enters the quest to find the Bee Leaf.


    The first poetry collection from Kareative Interlude:

    This collection of poems – the Spirit of the Sun explores the themes of: vitality, nu day, homage, abundance, connection, flow, energy and resilience to connect with audiences through poetic soul.  The pieces of this collection hold an originality that aim to express endless feelings that speak to passion, purpose and power.  Through the pages we invite audiences to travel in space, time and place.


    Illuminating I


    Through the I

    of the sun,


    first eye

    absorbed the

    complexions of darkness

    through the light

    vast rainbows

    within earth and universal space

    our antenna energy

    caressing us with infinite possibilities


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