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Nu Narratives


Kareative Interlude and the Kollective are eight (8) African-Caribbean-Canadian children's writers and illustrators extending a message of creation, patience and love. The Kollective aims to celebrate, connect and grow young writers to explore the impact of children's literature as an artform in North Scarborough area. The eight (8) are taking action to share their knowledge, capacity while communicating their truth to young readers and future leaders.


The goals of the Nu Narratives process is to:


  •  expose participants to the publishing process, exploring the methods of writing and illustrating a book


  •  share their knowledge of story in its elements, composition and themes


  •  connecting their own experience in purpose, audience and interest


  • identify what strategies they found most helpful before, during and after writing


  • what steps they can take to improve as writers, readers, publishers and leaders






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Nu Narratives

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